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Allied Water Services is fully licensed by the Fraser Health Authority and our equipment meets all the requirements for hauling potable water. We have an in-house Safety Management System, COR certification and are in full compliance of all Work Safe BC policies, standards and practices.

Managing Safety Policy

Management, staff, and hourly employees of Allied Water Services must have a common objective to be successful. Our objective is the healthy, safe, environmentally sound and productive operation of all Allied Water Services activities. We have an obligation to preserve the human, physical and financial resources of our company. In satisfying this obligation, worker safety and health will always be our number 1 priority. As such, this basic policy must be considered in every phase of our business, including acquisition, job planning, job setup, and performance. Accordingly, our principal objectives are to:

  • Provide a work environment that is free of unmitigated recognized hazards.

  • Comply with all laws that regulate employee safety, health, and our environment.

  • Recognize the priority of safety and health factors over purely economic considerations.

  • Hold each employee accountable for the safe execution of all jobs assigned and full compliance with all environmental, safety, and health-related procedures and training.

  • Train our employees in safe and proper job procedures and required compliance with established procedures, policies and practices.

  • Provide comprehensive New Employee Safety Training to all new hires.

  • Hire only those persons who demonstrate the capacity to comprehend and execute all jobs in a safe and healthful manner consistent with the policies and procedures of the company and the training and job instruction provided.

  • Promote worker health and safety both on and off the job.

  • Maintain leadership in safety and accident/incident prevention by continuously improving safety performance and work methods and procedures.

First-line supervision has the greatest impact and thus, the greatest opportunity to influence and promote safe work practices among our workforce in the field. The prevention of accidents/incidents requires everyone's concerted effort and daily attention. Everyone has equal authority and responsibility to take appropriate action to correct unsafe acts/or conditions.

A properly planned and executed job will eliminate the chance for losses and return benefits that satisfy needs in each of these areas:

  • Health, safety and environment

  • Morale

  • Cost

  • Production

  • Quality

  • Customer satisfaction

All employees will contribute to the company’s environmental, health, and safety program by following all policies and procedures, bringing unsafe conditions/acts to the attention of management, and recommending actions to improve the effectiveness of the program. Allied Water Services insist that all employees observe and obey every rules and regulations necessary for the safe conduct of work and shall take such action necessary to obtain compliance.


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